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SAIEVAC Director General addresses SAAGN Consultation

SAIEVAC Director General addresses SAAGN Consultation

The Director General of SAIEVAC, Dr. Rinchen Chophel delivered the Keynote Inaugural Address at the opening of the South Asian Alliance of Grassroots NGOs (SAAGN) Consultation held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 30th August 2013. Among many dignitaries present at the opening, prominent dignitaries were the Hon’ble Minister for Women, Child and Social Welfare Mrs. Rhidhi Baba Pradhan, Government of Nepal and His Excellency Mr. A. Spachis, EU Ambassador in Nepal.

In his address, the Director General introduced SAIEVAC as the only inter-governmental body for children in South Asia, with a unique governance structure with integral representations by children themselves, CSOs and collaborating partners represented SACG. While highlighting the five commonest forms of violence against children which includes Child Marriage, Corporal Punishment, Child Labour, Sexual Abuse & Exploitation and Trafficking for action, he also informed the gathering about how SAIEVAC brings in the whole dimension of Child Participation at the centre of its work for ending violence against children.

“I am very excited by the fact that SAAGN has embraced the same thematic areas as SAIEVAC and we look forward to an excellent opportunity for collaboration, given that SAIEVAC has National Chapters coming to optimal functional capacity, and we are also at an advanced stage of establishing the NACGs in all the 8 member states”, he said…. He further added “While SAIEVAC works at the regional and national levels, SAAGN has the strength at the Grassroots level”.

Together with the Hon’ble Minister for Women, Child and Social Welfare, he released a Research book on “Situation of Children in South Asia”.