Thematic Areas

Introduction to SAIEVAC Five Year WORKPLAN

Violence against girls and boys is an increasing problem in all South Asia countries and it occurs throughout all walks of life, among all cultural, religious, ethnic and geographical income groups and in all settings including homes, communities, schools, workplaces, institutions, on the streets, and within the juvenile justice system.

Frequent natural disasters, political strife, civil unrests and armed insurgencies are widespread and delay the implementation of development and child protection plans. High incidence of poverty and discrimination in the South Asia region means many children have limited access to basic social services in vital sectors such as health, water, and education.

SAIEVAC has developed a workplan to end violence against children at regional and national level which is a strategic framework to coordinate, standardize, and monitor progress annually. This workplan supports the development of effective and comprehensive child protection systems, and addresses key issues for the region including child labour, sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking, corporal punishment, and child marriage.  It includes key results to achieve by 2015 and indicators to measure and report on progress.


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