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SAIEVAC’s 3rd NACG Consultation concludes successfully in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The SAIEVAC Regional Secretariat with support of the SACG and funded by Plan organized the 3rd Regional Consultation of the National Action and Coordinating Group Against Violence Against Children (NACG) hosted by the National Child Protection Authority, which is the lead agency for SAIEVAC at Hotel Berjaya in Mount Lavinia, Colombo, Sri Lanka from the 18-19 December 2013.

The 3rd NACG was organized with the following objectives:

  1. To assess progress on the decisions, recommendations of the 2nd NACG held in Male’ in April 2013;
  2. To review and re-energize the institutionalization process of the NACGs in the different Member States;
  3. Create focus on the role of the NACGs in expanding the mission of SAIEVAC through different issue based actions;
  4. To discuss key focus areas for 2014 based on the decisions arrived at during the 3rd Technical Consultation and the 4th GB Meeting in Bhutan, and
  5. Bring NACGs and Coordinators up to date with the MCA project activities

The 3rd NACG was attended by around 40 participants which included the National Coordinators (or representatives) from member states, the Chair and Co-Chairs of the NACG, Representative of the SAACH and relevant SACG agencies.

The 2-day NACG Consultation was followed by another 2 days of Orientation to all the participants on Positive Discipline and Legal Reforms to end Corporal Punishment, supported by Save the Children.